Performance Loading Examples

Examples of Performance Loading

1. Smartphones – kinematic loading


Smartphones are an example of kinematic loading, because they include many tools that previously required seperate devices. If you need to calculate something, you used to have to bring a calculator with you. If you needed to search something on the internet, you would need a computer and location with an internet connection. If you needed to take a photo, you would have to bring a camera with you. That is a lot of kinematic loading, in the energy it takes to ensure every device needed is accessible to you, and having to switch between each one. This doesn’t take into account the energy it would take to transfer a picture to a computer for online sharing.

2. Computers – performance loading


Computers originally were run by users keying in set commands that had to be manually input by the user. When selectable commands were introduced, the kinematic and cognitive performance loading on the user was greatly reduced, and resulted in a much more efficient, error free experience.

3. DVD – kinematic loading


Before DVDs, VHS were the main source of video playback. They involved a high level of kinematic loading. There was no scene selection, and they required rewinding every time a viewer wanted to re-watch them. They also had a much shorter lifespan than DVDs. In order to navigate or re-use a VHS, the user would have to put in extra effort. DVD has greatly reduced that kinematic loading, and resulted in a more user-friendly source of entertainment.

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